Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Birdie Told Me.....

Hi Everyone,

Seems my blogging has gone where lots of others go......south!!! I have so busy building my business that I have forgotten to share the experiences along the way, so sorry about that! So.... having made it through my First Birthday at Design Doctor I have decided to take myself seriously and really explore what Design means  and share some of my wonderings, ponderings and delights of the human condition....sounds pretty deep doesn't it? It's just that people are so fascinatingly wonderful!!! People are what make Design, breathe life into Design, spread Design everywhere....people ARE DESIGN!! I suppose I could definitely step on a few toes as I explore these themes but I'm willing to take the risk. Who knows what interesting people and places we will uncover together? I'll put in a little disclaimer here.... by no means am I a 'Design Expert' but if Design is people....then I'm all in! After all, one of the most powerful things we can do as Human Beings is to inspire and encourage one another!!!

Cheers, Merita

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